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Sheri Kreher, LCSW-R

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
Registered Yoga Teacher


Sheri (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over fifteen years of experience providing individual and group psychotherapy. She has experience helping people with depression, anxiety, bereavement, anger management, stress management and adjusting to life transitions.  She completed her Masters of Social Work at the University of Albany and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.


Sheri is also a Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, offering a holistic approach to managing stress and emotional pain.  As a therapist and a student of yoga, Sheri is aware that stress, anger, emotional pain and viseral memories can be explored and healed by listening to the body.  She completed the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certification in 2008 and the Group Facilitator Certification in 2009, representing over 1000 hours of specialized training.


Sheri is also a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-200, trained with internationally renouned Anusara-style teachers.  Sheri encorporates the wisdom of yoga, breath work and meditation into psychotherapy sessions to help clients best manage their symptoms.


I truly believe that our struggles make us stronger, better people.  I have had the honor of walking with people through some of their most challenging times, and helping them rediscover their joy in life!  


If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, stress, relationship troubles, or trying to cope with a big life transition, allow me to provide support, guidance and experience to your unique situation.  


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am trained to work with you to safely experience feelings that may arise while working through distress (such as sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, or helplessness.)  The benefits of counseling and psychotherapy can include significant reduction in emotional distress, improved relationships, better problem solving, healthy behaviors and coping skills, resolution of specific problems and greater life satisfaction.

Insurance:  Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield & Aetna

Please contact your insurance company to know your behavioral health benefits, copayments and deductibles.   

Self-Pay Fees:  $90/session, $100 initial session, $50/hour court documents


Yoga Therapy

"Like shock absorbers, our bodies absorb the wear and tear of emotional experience. Slowly these patterns of stress and trauma accumulate. Inevitably, if we do not become conscious of these patterns lodged in our muscles and cells, they begin to tell their tales."    -Romancing the Shadow

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is an effective, client-centered body-mind therapy.  The 75 minute session includes an opening guided meditation, assisted (hands-on) body movement coupled with theraputic dialogue to invite a deeper experience of present moment in the body. Sessions conclude with an integrative meditation to help clarify what you have learned and what action steps you may choose to take in your daily life.

Fee:  $90 per 75 minute session

Individual Yoga Instruction provides personalized attention to your specific yoga needs and goals.  A customized session is helpful for beginners, people with with injuries or special considerations, or advanced yogis looking to refine their practice.

Fee: $50 per 45 minute session

Meditation and Pranayama coaching for those seeking to begin or expand their practice of meditation or breath awareness.  Individual coaching can facilitate a deeper practice, and help problem-solve around common questions and concerns.

Fee: $50 per 45 minute session

No experience needed, appropriate for all levels of fitness and ability

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84 Avon Road, Geneseo, NY  14454 

To help determine if we are the best fit, please include the following information in your confidential email:

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2) What insurance you have

3) What times of day are you available for appointments

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I work with  individuals over the age of 18

Please note:

Due to high demand for mental health care at this time,

my response time may be several days


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